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I published by first book, The History of Rock Mountain in Jefferson County, Alabama, in 2011. After I finished that book, I was often asked, “Are you going to write another one?”  I’d usually say “maybe” or “I’m not sure,” but what I was thinking was, “No way.”  Writing isn’t difficult for me but finishing a book is. My books are self published– which means I do everything from the research, all the way to uploading to Amazon and building this website.  While the first book erased most of the learning curve, writing and publishing a book isn’t easy. It’s hard work, even if it is rewarding, and it’s only rewarding if you get good feedback.

So, why am I writing and publishing more books? Because I’m driven to do it. The books that I am most proud of are the ones that nobody else but me would write. If had not put it on paper, much of what I’ve written would be lost forever..

The Life and Times of Bud Coleman of Jefferson County, alabama, Book One: 1929 - 1978

The Life and Times of Bud Coleman of jefferson County,Alabama, Book Two: 1978 - 2014 The Hitsory of Rock Mountain in Jefferson County, Alabama








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